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Take your healing practice to the next level, heal from physical restrictions, attune to the highest multi-dimensional vibrations and learn my gifts in commanding dark energy and entities 

We all have a slightly different energetic makeup, which means healers who are not working in alignment with their spiritual makeup will eventually begin feeling mentally, physically, and spiritually worn down… and experience dark entity interferences. 

If you’re working in a practice or doing group healing (even breathwork), dark entities can run rampant because when clients release their trauma, dark entities are realised with the trauma… 

And unless you have the skills to transcend dark energy and entities… They will find another person to attach to. 

And dark entities are attracted to lightworkers like a moth to a flame – because they possess powerful gifts that dark entities want to claim for themselves… 

The truth is, entities have an advantage… 

They can see all your spiritual matrix, holes, areas needing to be healed and even untapped potential, which becomes perfect attachment mechanisms. 

And if you’ve been doing this sort of work for a while, you can see how this can only worsen for you. This begs the question… Who Heals the Healer? 

This is where I come in. I work with the highest multidimensional frequencies, attuning people to the right energies so they can step into their highest power, support and guidance. 

I do this by attuning the mind’s neurological structures… allowing them to access expanded levels of information, consciousness and energetic vibrations. 

I also help exceptional healers with entity interference – remove dark entities and heal physical structures and attune them to the highest multi-dimensional frequencies so they can heal their clients at the highest level without feeling drained and bogged down. 

Welcome to The Evolved Healer.


When you work at a higher dimensional level, you open yourself up to dark energy and dark entities, this includes demonic presence. This is the nature of the work we do.

But when it starts weighing you down… blocking you from accessing your highest power, and negatively affecting your well-being,

You need to do something about it. And unless you specialise in commanding dark energy and entities, it’s highly risky…

Only with years of experience working with dark energy and entities for my own clients, and even removing them from my own life, I have created a new modality to work with – to clear, release, and command negative entities.

You have to remove dark energies to reach a new level of healing, guidance, support, connection and your ultimate power.


Take your healing practice to the next level, heal from physical restrictions, attune to the highest multi-dimensional vibrations and learn my gifts in commanding dark energy and entities


Modalities and Programs for Light Workers and Spiritual Healers

Spiritual Attunements

We can make so many energetic rules as a healer that do not serves us, and we can have so much interference restricting our healing abilities and gifts. There is always another level of spiritual attunement to step into. I critic your healing practices and remove and release any dark energies and entities that are compromising your full potential. Unfortunately, dark energies and dark entities love to attach to healers and light workers as a way to compromise the light. This also holds you out of your full connection and gifts as they have claimed them for themselves. I help you to attune your healing practice and step into your most powerful light worker form. I also teach Dark Energy and Entity removal, although not all light workers are meant to engage fully with the dark. There are other ways to release restrictions and dark energy for a person. Again it depends on your energetic makeup as a healer and what is right for you.

Entity Removal Program

I have created a new modality to work with, clear release and command negative enities. There are 2 levels to this program as each area has different rules and governance requirements. Demonic realms and multidimensional beings. In order to command and clear an entity you must have governance over it – which means a higher vibrational status. In order to teach a person Entity work, it requires attuning their energic systems to not only detect different levels of multidimensional presence as well as the correct command to remove them. I do not know another technique in the market that teaches this in a safe manner. Once you learn any technique working with dark energies, you open yourself up to unwanted attention and more issues with entities than ever before. If you do not have the correct soul and sovereign presence, then this can be a pathway to lead to more and more issues as a healer. I have created this modality based off my unique soul gifts and have created a modality that has no backlash from these dark realms.

Channelled Vibrations

More info coming soon 2023

The Key Code

Each person’s energetic make up is different and a healer needs to be healing in alignment with their gifts otherwise modalities or styles of healing may cause extra conflict or restriction More information to come in 2023





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