Are you ready to unlock the next level of healing and spiritual expansion?

I am a world leading spiritual & energy healer specializing in dark energy, dark entities, multi-dimensional presence and Epstein-Barr virus.

Are you ready to unlock the next level of healing and spiritual expansion?

I am a world leading spiritual & energy healer specializing in dark energy, dark entities, multi-dimensional presence and Epstein-Barr virus.

Dark energy, dark entities, and multi-dimensional interference go hand in hand with all physical blocks, restrictions, illness, and disease in your Mind, Body, and Energy, including the deepest underlying causes of ill health, like Epstein-Barr virus.


I have the ability to work at the highest universal and multi-dimensional levels without compromise, which gives me the power to command the highest dark energy and entities, along with having the highest soul vibration rate for healing a person’s physical glands, organs and structures.


These abilities enable me to transform a person’s whole life… because I release the most disruptive energy and entities from a person, including healing a person’s deepest blocks and restrictions on a multi-dimensional level, which includes mind, body, energy, and soul healing … (these gifts have easily transferred over into clearing entities and energy from a person’s property and/or land)


As I heal and attune a person’s mind, body, energy, and soul to the highest vibrations, they unlock their most powerful spiritual and soul gifts.


Every day people come to me to heal their physical minds & bodies from mysterious illnesses and health issues like Epstein Barr Virus, Chronic fatigue, Thyroid issues, Adrenal dysfunction, Hormonal issues, neurological stress, and so much more.


High-level Business leaders come to me to heal all of the above including unlocking their highest soul gifts, passion, and purpose so they can expand their influence and impact in the world


Spiritual healers come to me to release dark energy and entities bogging them down and attune them to the highest multi-dimensional vibrations they otherwise cannot access


Please check out the following program-specific pages, or go to “How I Heal”, to learn more about my healing abilities and gifts.


Tracey is a world-leading Spiritual & Energy Healer

Her gifts in releasing dark energy and multi-dimensional entities make her one of the most advanced spiritual healers in the world …

However, this is not where Tracey’s journey began…

After struggling for years with post-natal depression, Epstein Barr Virus/glandular fever, adrenal fatigue, anxiety and overwhelm from raising 3 kids and motherhood, she started researching natural holistic healing modalities to try to heal herself..

She had no idea where this journey was going to take her, or how intense and enlightened the healing & spiritual journey would be.

Tracey started her training as an advanced holistic Kinesiologist, moving into holographic kinetics, and soul realignment to name a few… Tracey soon realized she had the unique ability to channel and heal energy through surrogacy, and that she had more dark energy and dark entities restricting her highest gifts than any of her teachers and healers had ever seen …

Over the years, Tracey has had the most intense journey having to heal herself from lifetimes of dark energy and entities, plus millions of mental and physical blocks and restrictions

On top of this, every client she worked with that has either neurological, physiological, or spiritual restrictions that triggered her energy she had to heal herself from these also

This is why Tracey has developed unique healing gifts and processes to heal Epstein Barr virus, negative energy, and dark entity removal and can channel the highest multi-dimensional vibrations … this is why she’s also the Spiritual healer to other spiritual healers

Tracey’s list of Spiritual, Energy & Soul healing abilities is in the hundreds…






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