I was aware for many years that I had an issue with the Epstein-Barr virus.

I had tried everything I knew (I am a naturopath, Kinesiologist and GNM Practitioner), and the medical medium protocols, yet it wasn’t until I saw Tracey for her Epstein Barr sessions that I saw a dramatic difference.

For the first time in what feels like a lifetime, I have superior energy levels, I can eat and drink things I previously couldn’t without flaring up, and I am attracting so many great things into my life without trying!

I would recommend this to my own clients, and especially other healers as I am so confident it will not only change the way you feel, but it will have an incredible flow on effect with your ability to help your clients too. Working with Tracey has helped me radically transform all areas of my life.

I recommend her to everyone!

Ali McKelvie

Mind/Body Medicine Practitioner, Kinesiologist, and Human Design Expert

I’m really in touch with emotions I couldn’t work out why I could not get myself motivated

I was completely lacking in energy, I was thinking, what is this…. Is it depression?

I was just getting more and more into a whirlpool of exhaustion and bleakness and I couldn’t get out

Then you came into my life

I have so much energy back now, I am back!

I have that motivation back again, there are no more blocks

Life was happening to me and I felt like I couldn’t do anything about it

All the things I wanted I have now got

I found it was a really beautiful process

I had Epstein Barr Flare, which I was not aware of

When you are physically unwell, the emotional start to stuff spirals

Even with all my knowledge….  I couldn’t heal myself

It is unbelievable the before and after its night and day

I can’t thank you enough

Cat valentine

Cat valentine Transformation Coach, Trainer, Mentor

I had felt stuck for so long, I was so sluggish and tired, I had lost my body and lost myself.

I was trying so hard with my diet and yet I felt so stagnant, stuck and hopelessness

I have experienced so many changes, from stuckness if I could say it in one word, I have flow and I am me again.

My body is now aligned, I feel alive again, I came to you for my physical and health, but the business stuff has been an amazing bonus, I’m manifesting again…

It is truly magical, the depth of your work is so profound

All I can say is…. Do it do it do it do it

What you do is so different, its magical, you are magical Tracey

I would recommend you to anyone

Lauren Jobson

NLP & Matrix Therapies Master Trainer and Transformational Coach and Therapist

Working with Tracey I found out that my body, mind and soul have been in Deep Survival Stress mode for so many years and I needed to be healed on a deep cellular level. 

She told me that I had Epstein Barr Virus and all my symptoms of fatigue, mood swings, weight gain, uncontrolled temper, emotional outburst, foggy head and mind, and many more things started to make more sense to me.

She allowed my body to heal and integrate which take’s time and she was very gentle in her approach. I felt the heaviness lifting from my head and my whole body. 

My energy levels and vitality came back again, I gained clarity and the ability to listen to my soul guidance towards what I really want without having this dis – ease and symptoms in my body. It’s been an incredible journey and truly forever grateful that I met you Tracey.

Nicolette Wijers

Feminine Awakening Coach, business and lifestyle Mentor

What have clients said during the 5-Month EBV program?

Working with Tracey was an extraordinary journey of remembering.

The initial physical ‘immune response’ that Tracey initiated to let the body know where to go and deal with the EBV was pretty full on for me and lasted about 3 weeks. I was so grateful as I could finally feel by body truly healing and the physical healing is still happening for me

The sessions and Q&A’s were powerful, but the support I received from Tracey between sessions as I updated her with my progress or challenges was life changing. At times it was literally guiding me back to myself for the answers. But having her there supporting me behind the scenes gave me the ability to truly surrender and remember.

What activated through this time was an even deeper connection to my soul and the higher dimensions. I can now access a frequency and channel of guidance that I couldn’t access before. I can feel the power of my bodies ability to heal, my purpose on this planet becoming clearer and more aligned to its highest timeline and a feeling of joy, connection and Love that I hadn’t been able to fully access before. And thats not just the work Tracey has done, but the true guidance she gave me of finding the answers and gifts within myself and activating them.

I am looking forward to continuing the journey with Tracey in the future, as having her on your healing and evolutionary team is a gift beyond!!

Thank you Tracey for all that you are and all that you bring to this world. If anyone is wandering whether they have tried it all before and not sure whether they should walk this path with Tracey, the real question is… Are you ready to reclaim your full power and live your destiny as thats really what this is about.

Kelly Marie

Evolutionary Coach & Mentor & Founder of Turned On Evolution

Working with Tracey inside the EBV program was one of the best decisions I made in 2023.

Yes, it took a leap of faith, however having had the experience of her working on my property clearings, I knew I was in more than capable hands. I looked forward to every session and personal recordings. I transcribed them and read them over and over. The sessions matched up to results within hours.

Yes, might be a coincidence several times but maybe not. In my case I felt lighter and lighter as Tracey removed things attached which not only transformed my physical health but also my mental health.

As a business owner this transferred over to clarity and results.

It is certainly a pleasure to have been through the EBV program with Tracey!

I am certainly glad I took the leap of faith!

Michael Maidens

When I started the program, I was aware the key to removing EBV was getting the body out of deep survival stress and getting it aligned with my purpose. What that looks like in reality with Tracey’s guidance is incredible. When I entered this program I had separated from my marriage six months earlier and narrowly saved my business from bankruptcy in the previous few months, so you could certainly say my stress level was very high. Having just finished the 5 months, here are some things that have changed in my life. Through this program I felt my heart open and I started to feel love towards my daughter and other people like I’ve never felt before. I didn’t know beforehand, I had actually shut down emotionally at the age of 11 due to a traumatic family event, up until the past few months I wasn’t capable of deep unconditional love. Tracey told me in my first session that I didn’t trust myself, that I would set unrealistic expectations and then beat myself up when I didn’t achieve them. So this was something I put a lot of focus on, so many more things in my life are just flowing so much easier, anxiety is no longer an issue for me and I seek guidance from my higher self. I’ve been able to take control of some destructive habits I was using to cope with the stress. I have also developed healthy eating/exercise habits and lost over 10kg. After dealing with a number of personal things above, my focus in the past two months has switched back to my business. Tracey helped me get clear on my purpose and align my energy with that purpose. As a result my business has just exploded, I’m making more money they I ever have. Thank you so much Tracey for everything you have done for me, exactly what I needed to get my life back on track. Darren Collins

Darren Collins

The six months I spent working with Tracey, was the greatest gift that I could give to myself. It has been nothing short of life changing. It was a deep dive into mind, body and soul.” The spiritual growth and healing has been immense and a true blessing in my life and I am forever grateful. The blocks that were cleared and removed on every level, from emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual have given me a renewed and heighten awareness and a reborn energy. I truly live at an elevated vibrational level and have tapped into my inner gifts and purpose. This work has not only changed and deepened my relationship with myself on the highest level possible but a notable, significant and beautiful change with my loved ones as well


Wonderful! I feel so lucky to have come across you.. you are my missing piece for my healing because the other things I worked on only got me so far (MM, diet, supplements, GP – don’t even start!)


Tracey’s healing program is beyond amazing. Going into the healing process I felt completely lost and disconnected from myself and my life. 

I felt stuck and no matter what I was doing it wasn’t shifting until I met Tracey. Tracey’s healing removes so many layers and barriers to the mind, body and soul I didn’t know were possible until I experienced it for myself. 

Since completing the program I’ve noticed a shift and I no longer feel weighed down and stuck. I’ve come back to myself and feel I now have the capacity to manifest the life I desire.

Vanessa Young

Thankyou so much for the miracles you create .  I am so grateful.  You have guided be back to my faith , not that I lost it for healing others, however I felt that I couldn’t ask God to heal myself. My digestive system is almost back on track and my energy levels have definitely improved significantly.  I actually feel like my life has promise again .  Still not sure where I am heading , however I am feeling confident I will be where I am meant to be . Again, you’re absolutely amazing and a blessing.


Hi Tracey, I thought i’d give you an update. Thanks for your emails. I am feeling so much lighter and experiencing a much higher frequency. I feel as though my meditations are easier and deeper and I’m connecting more with nature as well. I’m also having lot’s of synchronistic moments, which is amazing! I feel as though when my mood/frequency lowers (as it did when i went to melbourne last week) i was able to shift back quite easily, where in the past I would not have been able to shift into a better mood and then maintain it. I also feel like Chloe and David are in better spirits too. I have noticed that I’m letting go of my feelings of been hard done by, which have always plagued me and if i think of past hurts, although they still feel painful, it doesn’t lower my mood and I gain fresh insights. I’ve sometimes felt as though all the meditation and inner work I’ve done over the years has not yielded much rewards for me, but in the last few weeks it’s as though it’s all coming to me very quickly, as all this heaviness lifts.


I’ve been looking for a mentor like Tracey for probably, I don’t know, 40 years. So I finally found you, Tracey. The healings are very powerful. The first one, I was bombed out for a whole week. The last one, it was very special. It hit me in the solar plexus and the heart, really, it was very powerful, and it changed my attitude to a lot of things in life.


I didn’t know how bad I was till Tracey helped me with dark entities as I didn’t know how to deal with them … she really “saved my life” as I was in a bad and deep dark place even beyond EBV … the work she did with me was literally life saving and now learning how to deal with energies and dark entities to further protect myself is greatest gift you can ever give yourself.”

“What is it going to cost me? – Well it costed almost my life … so I was VERY happy to PAY Tracey Gillies for all the amazing work she does and for me that’s what life is about … you pay for what you get … so value and quality over quantity … I rather spend money on my health and wellbeing then on hospitals and a funeral is even more expensive”


“So for me it’s a “cheap” option of getting my LIFE back and not losing it … what is it going to cost you? Doesn’t always mean financial and money … Life, relationships, job, career, business, love … there’s a lot to lose …So for me it’s small cost for ultimate JOY.

Nicolette Wijers





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