Do you feel like your property has negative energy?

If “YES” Lets Discuss How it Can Be Cleared


What Types of Negative Energies Attach to Property?

A portalway in a property are energetic doorways, that allow Earthbound Souls to come and go. Portalways on properties make us and others feel uneasy, unsafe or simply uncomfortable!

Portalways are usually in the room, corners and areas of the house we typically avoid.

You may have experienced these feelings yourself at some time.

Negative Thought Forms attach to the property in 2 Prominent forms:

1. External Forms – other people or energy sources external to the property attracted to the energy within a property

2. Internal Forms – the Negative Energy from the occupants who live in the property, this could be anger, sadness, depression or any negative energy

Earthbound souls are souls that haven’t crossed over properly and are stuck and confused.

This could be someone who has died in the property or a Soul entering the property.

This leads to low energy, confusion, frustration, anxiety, and sadness in the property. The people living in or entering the property can sense it.

An Anger Spear is when someone is Angry at the occupants or property both Residential and Business.

This could be a neighbour, an ex-partner, former employee, competitors, or even an existing co-worker.

This can have a huge Negative Energy effect on your Home or Business. Anger Spears a very common due to the nature of the intent.

If Portalways are Energetic Doorways, then Gateways are Energetic Highways!!

Gateways draw a lot of Energy from the occupants of a property which can cause bad sleep, unfocused, lethargic, grumpy and disgruntled.

Gateways can be a major turnoff for prospective home buyers.

Land Memory is the Energy upheld in the Earth of which properties are now located. As the Earth has so much history it could once have been assigned to a specific negative or traumatic use.

e.g. battle ground, burial ground, sacred site etc.

This Energy can be pasted onto the property and effect the residents living their.


Hi, I’m Tracey Gillies I have developed specialized gifts in commanding and releasing negative energy and dark entities. 

I offer high-level healing and alignment services for my clients and am often requested to also heal and release any negative energies and dark entities from the environments (properties) they live and work in

We are energetic beings, and the energy within the environments we spend most of our time can either support us or negatively affect us on so many levels mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

With demand and word of mouth from clients, friends and Real Estate agents, I decided to create a specialized property clearing service to focus specifically on clearing negative energies & dark entities attached to properties.

The following Simple 3 Steps and Video will provide more information about my property clearing process:



Step 1: Assessment:

I must be granted permission from whoever is financially responsible for the Property to be able to conduct the Property Clearing. Energetic ownership of the property follows financial responsibility. In the event of a rental, the tenant and/or landlord both holds the Energetic ownership.

Step 2: Clearing

I do not need to be physically present at the property to conduct the Clearing. How this works?   First I need to explain the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions.

So by Shifting and Clearing Negative Energy at the 5th Dimension this then reflects in the 3rd Dimension which is the physical property.

Step 3: Proctection

Following the Negative Energy Clearing process I then place Spheres of Love and Protection above, below and around the property to protect it from any future Negative Attachments.  You will receive a full detailed report (An Energetic Statement) that covers what types of Negative Energies were present, along with what Energetic states they were attributing to the property.

Client testimonials

I was referred to Tracey by a friend, as I was not feeling comfortable in my home and wasn’t sleeping in my own bed but rather on the couch, and was itching to move house but was too unwell. I felt stuck, in a catch 22.


After Tracey did the in-depth and very thorough house clearing, I was back to sleeping in my own bed immediately and feeling much more comfortable in my home.


I would recommend anyone to book Tracey for a house energy clearing. Thankyou for your work. 🙏🏩

– Tamarind

The first one is our own home. Since we moved in, nothing went smoothly. My husband and I got into two car accidents, we both had career roadblocks, we felt very restless and kept arguing. The worst part was our construction process went horrendously wrong: there were lots of unnecessary arguments with council and uncontrollable delays; our builder couldn’t complete the job due to cash flow issues and multiple tradies got injured. We were so drained and felt there was some mysterious force preventing us from building the house. Luckily Tracey did the clearing for us. She found 4 earth bound souls causing problems and disruptions. Also our place used to be a sacred site (sacrificing land) with lots of negative energy, which made the building process problematic.  After Tracey’s clearing, everything goes a lot smoother and the construction starts to progress: tradies start to show up, no more site dramas and we finally see some hope in completing this construction, which gives us a great sense of relief.


The second one is our investment property. We had been waiting for development approval for 7 townhouses for 15 months but nothing really progressed. Again we turned to Tracey for help. It turned out that this property has good fortune and good favour, but the development had not received permission from the custodian of the land. Tracey helped us to ask for permission and the magic happened: the day she did the clearing, we received a call from our architect confirming the DA was approved. We were simply amazed by the result and we felt so grateful for Tracey’s work.

Thank you Tracey 🙂

Warm Regards,

Lilian and Andy

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